Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrating WanYing

by WanYing

My birthday was so fun and I had Minnie Mouse toys and it was so fun and we played with my new toys and we made our own cupcakes and we made Minnie Mouse pictures for ourselves and it was a lovely day.

The best part was giving everybody a balloon at the end. And I had really really really fun time. And I had all sorts of people there.  Some were my friends from church and there were some friends from my school.

It feels really good to be five years old.

That's me.  It is my Minnie Mouse picture and I really really liked it.
That's my sister and she's named Sasha
That's us decorating our pictures.  That's the whole people.
That's decorating our cupcakes.
I put pink colors on my cupcake.  It's cause I was having a Minnie Mouse party.
I am blowing the candles while everybody was singing.
I'm opening my presents
And people are trying to open them and they're crowding around me and I don't know why they're crowding around me.
That's me with my present.
That's me.  I'm five years old!

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