Thursday, February 13, 2014

Utah Ski Resort Tour

One week. Eight skiers. Three resorts. Four days on snow. Unlimited smiles. Bring on the annual Morningstar Ski Staycation!

Saturday:  Park City Mountain Resort

To be honest, I wasn't that thrilled about a day at Park City.  I haven't skied there since we moved to Utah so it's been about 15 years since my last PCMR experience.  And I am proud to say that I couldn't have been more wronger!  We had a fab time in Park City - even though the snow was kind of crappy the pitch was perfect for Sash and the boys were more than happy as long as we stayed on the blacks and double blacks.

Combine a great family day on the mountain with lunch at the High West Distillery (we only like it for the food, of course) and I have to give Park City two thumbs up!

Sam loves the groomers
Ben loves the crud
And Sasha loves the little tree chutes - we all found what we were looking for!


Tuesday and Wednesday: Brian Head

Last year we went north to Powder Mountain for our staycation so this year we thought we'd head south and try out the southern Utah resorts for the first time.  And like last year, we got totally lucky with the snow - 29" over the 2 days we were there nearly overpowered the boys! Fortunately they had a comfy condo and nutritious Pop Tarts to return to whenever their legs got tired.

As for Mom and Dad, we ate up as much powder as we could find!

Although Brian Head has the highest skiable peak in Utah, it isn't a particularly steep mountain.  Fortunately fresh snow makes any pitch a blast and on day 2 the boys found the mountain's only double black which we happily skied all afternoon.

And what did the girls do all day?  Ski school!  They both did really well and had a blast.  WanYing even progressed far enough to "burn her worm" (ski without the Edgie Wedgie that keeps the tips together for kids as they start), which is a pretty big deal! It's fun to see the girls so proud and confident in their skiing.

A good time was had by all although, candidly, I think the kids liked the steady diet of pizza and multiple daily trips to the hot tub even more than the skiing. Well, at least Brian Head had something for everybody!


Thursday: Eagle Point

The last stop on our Southern Utah ski adventure was Eagle Point. Eagle Point is only open on weekends, so the 30 inches of snow that we got while in Brian Head was all still untracked for our Thursday day at Eagle Point.  Perfect timing!

And Thursday was also WanYing's birthday so it was a day full of celebration and excitement!

I dearly wish that sassy skiing was an Olympic sport because this girl could definitely make Team Kazakhstan!
I can't believe my baby is big enough to ride the lift solo! Fortunately she had a mama in the chair behind her squawking, "pockets to the back, Sash, pockets to the back!"
Sash "helps" her sis down the mountain

Uh oh!  Littles ought to stay in the groom!
Big kids, however, love the pow
Sasha is skiing so very well - check out those parallel ski tracks behind her through the whole turn!

And in celebration of her 5th birthday WanYing completed her first blue square run - way to go little gal!
We had a great Utah staycation exploring some new resorts and enjoying great family time.

Seven major Utah ski resorts visited this year, 5 more to go - do you think we can hit them all? That's the kind of goal I can definitely apply myself to!

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