Thursday, April 18, 2013

PowMow Staycation

Still making up for a little lots time - here are photos from our fantastic January long weekend at Powder Mountain.  Enjoy!

Utah has its difficulties and oddities.  We're the first to admit it.  But boy does Utah have a lot of amazing things to offer as well!  Like snow.  Lots of snow.  Glorious snow.  Snow our whole family enjoys.  Utah, we love you!

In late January we went up to Powder Mountain (about 2 hours north of where we live) for a fab little Utah staycation.  It was great!  Great mountain, great snow, great family time. 

Going up
Mommy-Sam self portrait
Mommy going down - go go tele girl!
We did have one little incident where the mountain closed because of lightening and we were stuck at a lift.  PowMow is a reverse mountain where the lodges are at the top, so since we were mid-mountain at a lift, we had to wait for them to snowcat us out! Not how we planned to sped an hour or two, but don't worry, we had scotch and gummy worms to sustain us.
Hooray, help is here!
Mommy totally lucked out and got to ride in the front of the snowcat.  Finally, the respect I deserve!
The girls spent every morning in Powder Kids and had a wonderful time becoming skiiers
That's my powder girl!
And powder girl number 2!
I think that the kids' favorite part of the whole vacation was sledding outside of our condo. They had so much fun!
Ben was so sweet, letting WanYing cling to his neck in terror/ecstasy 
We did have a few issues...
But nothing stops these sledding kids!

On our last day we took a snowcat ride to some fresh pow - we had a blast!
My fam in our natural environment - snow!
Love spoiling these boys with such gorgeous snow!
Sheer joy!
An amazing end to a fantastic family weekend - this may need to become a habit!

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