Monday, April 22, 2013

Sasha's Birthday Party

by Sasha

I had my party at Hee Haw's. They had slides and bunnies and ducks and chicks and pigs and baby goats that I like to pick up and the cows that eat my clothes.
I made the coconut and the bow out of jellybeans and coconut.  I made the whiskers that are Pocky Sticks and the eyes that are chocolate chips and I made the nose that is one jellybean.  And the frosting is white and pink.  And the jellybeans are so yummy.  My dog likes the jellybeans when they fall when I drop them at my house when it's my birthday.
I like everybody to sing Happy Birthday to me.  It's so much fun to eat it while you're saying Happy Birthday and I like it when I blow out the candles.
I got a dog for my American Doll!
Trinity, thanks for the pony and I really like it.  It's doing great, I just lost the comb and the jaw thing. It's so fun to play with with my friends.
Thank you Ivan for the snake!  I like to sleep with the snake at night and he keeps me safe.  I play with him sometimes.
This one is my favorite!  I like the baby bunnies.  They are so cute and I like holding them.  They feel fuzzy and cuddly.  When we tap them on the head they go "brrrr"
I like the big bunnies.  They're so cute and they have red eyes but I don't know why.  That's weird, huh?  They're so cute, the big bunnies, and I like petting them.
Mommy is holding a duckie and I like it.  She's being so careful to hold it.  The duckies are so cute and they have a little beak
I like holding the duckies.  They're so furry.  When they're in the pond they go nip in the water to get the plants to eat them.
I like having rides with my friends WanYing, Cleo, and me.  I have the piggy, Cleo has the rooster, WanYing has the cow.  It's so fun to ride in it.
I like the baby goats, they're so cute.  I like petting them and picking them up.  When they baaaa I put them down
I like petting the cow that's laying.  She's so cute and Cleo is petting it with me.  She is fun to play with.
I like holding the goats.  They're so cute and nice!  I like to pet them in my arms
I had a wonderful birthday!  I like eating everything.  I like to play with my friends.

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