Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break in Bryce

This year we've resolved to spend more time enjoying Utah's amazing scenery... which hopefully means that Spring Break was the kickoff for many more happy family camping weekends! And if this week was any indication, we have many marshmallows, campfires, really dirty kids, snugly nights in sleeping bags, miles of hiking, and great family memories to come.
Hiking from Sunrise to Sunset Points
Hmm... methinks there might be some rain a-coming
Hiking down to Queen's Garden
Happy, hiking family!  WanYing did the full 3 1/2 miles... except for the last part where we were running up the hill to escape the hail... (remember that rain we saw a-coming? It a-came)
Easter Morning! Celebrating Resurrection with candy and good family times
Don't worry, we were prepared for the trip and brought our own bunnies
Hiking near the campground
Even when camping a girl has to look her best!
The kids adored their "Brigham's Brew" rootbeer
The boys relax in the hammock
For some reason her hot dog just wouldn't cook!
WanYing and Baby Bob enjoy the snow and fire
Finally we decided that we had enough of the snow and opted for the warmth of Rainy
Sasha studiously completes her Junior Ranger packet
Proud new Junior Rangers!
One last hike before heading out - hiking along the rim trail
All of our kids were super-hikers - it was tough to snap pictures of them they were so speedy!  WanYing liked to hang out with Mommy so it was easier to get pics of her :)
Handsome boys graciously stop for a picture
Magnificent Bryce Canyon
One happy family

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