Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sam's Birthday

This post may be two months late, but in February or in April our 12-year-old is still one good-looking kid!

I definitely can't dwell on the 12 too long, though - how the heck did my little baby get to be 12?!?

Regardless of my incredulity at his giantness, I am awfully grateful to have such a smart, funny, kind kiddo.  Sam brings light and spice into our family and the world and I am so proud that he's my kid!

Party prep:  SNES, PS1, Wii-U, and 2 XBox 360s are all ready to go!
Not-so-patiently waiting for guests to arrive
And they're here!  Commence video game binging (this is what 6th graders consider a party)
Two whole rooms of video game madness
I love it that Sam is old enough to plan his own parties and menu.  And I doubly love it that his idea of the ideal party is video games in the basement, pizza and Doritos upstairs, and maybe some cake if Mom gets around to making it.  What a fantastic age!
When you get the fast-light candles, it turns out that kids insist on lighting their own.  I can't blame them.
Happy birthday to Sam!

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