Monday, April 8, 2013

Chinese New Year!

Ridiculously tardy photos?  Yes.  But they're still ridiculously adorable even if the Lunar New Year was a full two months ago!
This year at the annual gathering of people in our general vicinity with kiddos from China we had a new addition to the party - a lunar new year animal story play.  It was... energetic.  And Ben played a very compelling Chinese Emperor.
WanYing (the cat) rides her bro (the ox) across the river
Cat, Ox, and Rat cross the river
The whole fabulous cast
Parade time! Our girls' favorite part of the evening
Here comes WanYing the dragon butt
This is why you see so few photos of Ben
Even when you can only see a sliver of his face, he manages to make the photo "unique".  Sigh.

Gung hay fat choy and hope that your Lunar New Year started as happily as ours did!

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