Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday to Sam!

Happy 13th birthday to Sam! The eldest Morningstar kiddo has entered teenagerdom!

Although it's incomprehensible to me that Steve and I have a teenage son, upon reflection I have to say that if the current pattern persists (i.e. our children getting cooler and more fun with each passing year), then I welcome the era of the teenager.

What's cool about being 13?  Here's Sam's list:
  1. I could have a Facebook account if I wanted to
  2. I'm technically a teenager
  3. I've been sighing dramatically a lot more
Sam enjoys his stylish and functional 90-degree mirror glasses for convenient bedtime reading.  The perfect gift for every new teen!
Here are some of our favorite things about Sam:
Dad: He's kind and compassionate and not afraid to be who he was made to be.  Sam is amazingly curious and loves to tell corny jokes or spout facts about the world around him.  He is extraordinarily honest and maybe this year we will start seeing some tact.

Mom: I love Sam's analytical mind - whether he's playing strategy games or working on a new programming project it's so fun to watch him pull a problem apart and solve it piece by piece.  And I love it that he still occasionally needs me to help him debug his programs :)

Ben: Are we being honest?  It's that he doesn't fight back. (that one earned a sign from Mom)

Sasha:  Well, everything!

WanYing: He's nice.  I like to play games with him.  He's smart
Happy birthday, Sam! We sure do think you're swell, prolific dramatic sighing and all.

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