Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mom, I Have a Knot

I suppose that I should be grateful my daughter thinks I can solve any problem for her.  I mean, everybody wants to be their kid's superhero, right?

However, there are some problems that are beyond even Super Mommy.  This uberknot is near the top of that list.  I have no idea how she accomplished such a feat, but in all my years of parenting this may be the most extraordinary knot I have witnessed.

Fear not, we resolved the issue by cutting the knot out and tying together enough strands that WanYing could still reach each balloon when it floated to the ceiling.  So I guess Mommy really could fix it after all!

As for how that giant knot happened in the first place, I'm pretty sure it was the result of WanYing's explosive frustration at her failed attempts to send Baby Bob aloft.

But I give WanYing an A for creativity - don't we all want our babies to "soar"?  :)


MissM said...

I love the reason that she got a knot in the first place and the fact that her baby's name is Bob!

Scott Reinhart said...

Poor Bob.....


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