Thursday, July 21, 2011

WanYing's First Campout

We took a quick camping trip last weekend up Squaw Peak to the Hope Campground. It took me a while to figure out why WanYing was on edge... until Steve pointed out that this was completely new to her and her first night away from home! Score one for Daddy sensitivity.

Once WanYing settled in, though, she seemed to enjoy the experience just as much as the rest of the Morningstar kids (and that's saying something - this is a family that loves their camping!).  And she looks simply smashing in a bandana and insisted on wearing her "hat" for most of the weekend.

It's hard to pick the best memory from a great weekend away (although sadly easy to pick out the worst part - mosquitoes!  Sheesh, what's the deal with mosquitoes in Utah?!?  Completely unfair.  Can you tell we've been spoiled by bug-free Utah living?), but I have to say that my favorite part was watching the kids labor for hours and hours and hours to discern the meaning of the ancient wisdom that is, "Owah tagoo Siam."

They thought and pondered and mused.  They begged for hints.  But Steve and I held fast and wouldn't yield.  After all, you can't cheapen ageless wisdom like that by giving it away!

And, finally, at lunch on day 2 Sam blurted out the answer.  And there was great groaning all around.  It was awesome.  And it never got old hearing them chant, "Owah tagoo Siam" as they tried to figure it out.  I'm giggling writing about it even now.

Other highlights:
Ben savors the perfect s'more

Sasha's standards on marshmallow "cooking" (burning) were lower, but she enjoyed her s'mores with equal relish

Even WanYing got in on the action!

A rare peaceful moment in the herd.  The camp host gave the kids Smokey Bear coloring books, which all of the kids (strangely) enjoyed. 

Beautiful Sasha in front of beautiful Mt. Timpanogos on one of our "hikes"

The girls loved going to spigot to refill their water cups.  It made for very soggy, very happy sisters.

Q:  How do you sleep 6 in a single van?

A:  Creatively!  Daddy made a cot for Sasha (both of the girls are in the cot in this photo), WanYing sleeps on the bench seat, the boys sleep up top, and Mom and Dad sleep below.

WanYing's first campout and first nights away from home were stunningly successful!

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China Dreams said...

Looks like a great outing. Love Smokey the Bear and bandannas are a favorite "hat" of mine-hard to find, too! When I find them, I scoop up four at a time. (No comment on mosquitoes from the humid East.)



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