Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Pumpkins are Carved

I was trying to make up a "Night Before Christmas" type rhyme for Halloween... and then realized that it was all just too much effort and I'm exhausted and the boys' costumes are finally done and a Halloween poem is pretty much the last thing I care about right now. Ah, the familiar sleep-deprived anthem of the modern mom :)

Anyway, on this All Hallows Eve Eve, I figured I'd post pictures of our ever-industrious boys carving their own pumpkins! How did they get so big and independent?!?

Steve hollowed out the pumpkins and then the boys drew their own jack-o-lantern designs (here you see Ben's intense concentration as he designs his robot-faced pumpkin masterpiece).

Then Sam and Ben got out their trusty carving kits and set to work! They did a fantastic job, and each boy still has ten fingers and ten toes, so I consider it a very successful Halloween indeed!

And here's a photo of the pumpkins proudly on display on the front steps. Note the umbrella hat. When you've got a hat that cool, it just has to be featured in every photo! And, no, I don't know why the boys are pointing pretend weaponry (one plastic that shoots suction cup darts, one imaginary and I believe fully automatic) at their new pumpkiny creations. Boys are so weird!

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