Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost Ski Season (?)

Tonight was Warren Miller night in Orem Utah, and this was an especially important year because it was the boys' first Warren Miller experience. As is only right, there was a big feature on Utah powder and all four of us had our appetites whetted for the start of ski season! The boys were very appreciative of the big turns on the big screen and cheered most enthusiastically in true boy style for the sick tricks, especially the ones that ended in a yard sale (I'm practicing my ski-talk :)

After our little snowstorm two weekends ago, you may think that ski season is right around the corner, but Utah weather changes in the blink of an eye - here I am catching some rays and journaling to Sestra in shorts last Sunday! But that's ok, we'll enjoy the warm sun while it lasts because the powder will come soon enough. And I guess that the bright side of waiting longer for Sestra is that we'll be able to enjoy some turns before we head to Kaz!

ps - for those unfamiliar with Warren Miller (shame!), he's this guy who's made a ski movie every year for the last 58 years and his company tours around the country in the fall with the latest movie getting everybody psyched up for ski season. Here's a link to the Utah portion of this year's movie.

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