Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Alone

This weekend is the holiest of the Utah year. Oh, wait, that's fall-back weekend. Ok, this weekend is the second holiest of the year - UEA! It's Utah Educator's Association weekend which, for the vast majority of schoolchildren in the state, means fall break! It's also affectionately known as "Utah Enters Anaheim" because so many families head to Disneyland, but I digress.

Traditionally this is the weekend for the youth group trip to Moab. For the truly bored, you can read about the 2006 trip, the 2005 trip, the 2004 trip. You get the idea.

Well, this year the group isn't going to Moab but is staying a little closer to home and, because I'm hoarding every precious vacation hour for Kaz, I'm home alone for a few days. Of course, this could be lonely if it was my normal state, but since I get so very little quiet time in Jamieland, I am so excited about the next few days that I'm almost feeling guilty about it. Almost.

I have so many ideas about how to spend my hours - quiet times, journaling to Sestra, yoga, cross stitch while listening to audiobooks (I'm almost done Eat, Pray, Love, which I'm really enjoying as a very thoughtful travelogue even if not gospel), writing some letters, finishing Teen Vampire Romance Novel #4 (aka Breaking Dawn, another guilty pleasure), coffee at Borders, walking in the crisp fall air, starting some of Sestra's photo albums, reading toddler adoption books, pining away for the boys (I had to add that one since Steve will probably read this entry before he leaves)... I don't know what to do first! Actually, I'm having so much fun brainstorming that I haven't locked myself in to any particular activity. I'm just enjoying the delusion that maybe I can do them all in glorious, quiet (and gladly temporary) solitude.


Jennifer M said...

Oh that sounds so lovely! :-) I'm still smiling as I'm typing this.

I love all those activities! :-)

I've been lurking for awhile on your site, but I read your post on our agency eloop tonight, and since we are about to start the process again, it really touched me. I know I am once again going to be in your shoes, and on one hand, I can't wait!, and on the other, I dread the wait. But what better way to pass the time than to enjoy Autumn preparing for a new child with a cup of coffee, and smelling the fresh scents of fall!


The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

yippe for you...

S and K said...

Oh wow... down time. Please let me know what that feels like! I surely have forgotten!!!

We will possibly be in Utah for T-giving... don't tell anyone. For sure back in the early Spring, possibly late winter.

Loved catching up on your blog... loved the treehouse. Can't wait to meet you in person!

Have a great few days.


Butch and Tracy said...

Enjoy your peacfull days and nights.. enjoy all of the little blessings that we as moms sometimes look over. God does think your special and so do I!!!



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