Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Combined Goodnight, take 2

After Saturday's trip to Ikea, the combined bedroom is nearly complete. Steve installed the "harder to decapitate yourself on" fan last week (note that we do not go so far as to say that the fan is "decapitation-free" - we figure that if the children really put their minds to it, they could still probably injure themselves on this fan, but at least they'll have to make an effort to lose an eye or break an arm). The reading light and shelf for treasures got installed tonight, so Sam's sleeping quarters are now up-to-snuff.

Ben's nook under the lofted bed is now wired with not one, not two, but three lights, two on a dimmer and then a separate reading light. As you can see, Ben likes to use the reading light as a spotlight for the treasures on his bookshelf, like Sestra Baby. Happily, this project has also jived with Steve's general preference that the more wires a project requires, the better the finished product is.

So, other than moving in Sam's pictures (his baby announcement, his Olympic pins, etc) and doing some organization of the closet , the boys' room is pretty well done! That's a good thing, because I think it'll be time to pick out paint colors and start working on Sestra's room fairly soon.

I have to say that the boys have adjusted remarkably well to the shared sleeping quarters. Part of the reason that we decided to combine rooms well before traveling is that we assumed it would be a rocky road, but to be honest I think that they're getting along better than they did in separate rooms. Sam hasn't suggested one time that he'd like to go back to his old room, and bedtimes are a lot smoother now than they were in two rooms. Those brothers never cease to amaze me!

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