Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corn Maze, part 2

On Friday, we visited the other corn maze (yes, there are two within 20 miles of our house) with the Jr. High youth group. I took the boys so that Steve could have some "quality time" with the Jr. Highers and I am proud to say that we made it through phase 1 (our corn mazes are broken up into two halves) so quickly that we hadn't even finished our kettle corn by the time we emerged!

It was a beautiful Utah autumn evening. Crisp and clear with a beautiful sunset reflecting off of the mountains. It's good to have reminders of God's majesty and beauty. Have I mentioned lately how much we love Utah?!?

We headed home early(ish) for movie night watching The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and leaving Daddy behind to go through the haunted creature with the Junior High kids, but before leaving we did need to dedicate a few minutes to the ever-popular "corn box."

Yes, having your five-year-old completely buried in corn is every bit as dirty and dusty as it sounds. But you have to admit, it made for a heck of a photo!


Butch and Tracy said...

Wow... looks like the morningstars are having some fun again! I need to get my girls to a corn maze. The oldest has been, but I am sure April would love to go too. April is wondering how big that corn box is. We assume it is HUGE!!!



Joby and Marla said...

Beautiful sunset!!!!

Corn maze sounds like so much fun :) I don't know about being buried in the corn though. I would probably freak out. With my luck right now there would be an avalanche & I would be buried alive:)


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