Friday, May 30, 2008

School's out!

Sam has finished the first grade! We were a little worried because his report card was full of zeros, but once we figured out that they were actually O's for "Outstanding" we stopped panicking.

Sam's class voted on the first grade awards, and he was voted both "The Most Likely to be a Movie Star" and "The Smartest Boy" in Mrs. Nuttall's class. Not bad! And Sam's First Grade Yearbook (a little journal they wrote) was full of interesting tidbits, such as:

My teacher's name is: Mrs. nuttall
Three words that describe her are:
1. short
2. wide
3. nice
My favorite thing she does is: read to us!


My favorite color is red
My favorite indoor game is tic-tac-toe
My favorite place to go is pizza Hut
My favorite TV show is A-team
My favorite movie is peter pan
My favorite toy is transformors
My favorite sport to watch is Hockey
My favorite things to do in the summer are swing
My favorite outdoor game is tag

We did ask him about his apparently deep love of hockey and he explained that since we don't watch any sports, he just picked on that looked cool. Makes sense to me!

And on Tuesday Sam's grade hosted an extravaganza of song and dance, including a rousing dance finale of "Ain't Gonna Paint No More". It was really cute, and Sam has been teasing us for weeks about the cool dance he was learning, so we were very excited to finally see it ourselves.

I'll leave you with my favorite journal entry from our brilliant boy - the spelling and punctuation are all his:

I (Now this is a fact) love swimming (but I'm not very good). and I like t-ball. Heres how you play. well theres not unuf rume Sory about that. I do fine at t-ball

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