Monday, May 26, 2008

Hitting the Links

We finally enjoyed some nice weather for our final day with Grammy and Buddy! The mountains were beautiful, covered with snow from the past few days of precip, and Grammy just couldn't resist taking a Spring family photo before heading out to the links for a game of mini golf (a true family favorite).

Despite Ben's rather unorthodox putting technique, he actually did surprisingly well in mini golf - it's so fun that the boys are old enough to really play games; rules, technique, and all! Well, I should say that he played well when he was actually attending to the game instead of climbing the rocks and running over bridges, but it's hard to blame the boys for needing to explore the course. And Sam is turning into a regular golf pro, even on a tougher mini golf course like Cascade. That kid is going to beat us all in a couple of years.

As usual, however, Daddy schooled us all with Grammy running a close second and Buddy competing with Ben for the ever-important high score. I spent much of my time hacking my way out of water traps... but at least I had fun doing it :) It was a great end to our visit with Grammy and Buddy!

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