Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Kite Flying

Lest you think that we have spent the entire month of April working on home improvement projects (with that Oregon coast trip somewhere in the middle), I thought I'd post these photos of Steve and the boys flying kites last weekend. Well, more precisely they're of Steve and Sam flying kites while Ben plays on the playground at the park. Oh well, you can't please all of the people all of the time (or maybe you can, as long as the park has large grassy areas, wind, and a playground).

Unfortunately, the only photos we have to post are from Spike and Sharon's cameras because we have finally determined that our camera is lost. Our best guess is that we left it on the beach in Oregon. Steve maintains that his bag was - get this - attacked by a flock of seagulls while he was getting a few last minutes of kite flying in on the beach before heading out and the seagulls must have taken the camera out of his bag and moved it down the beach so that he didn't notice it when he cleaned up. I am likewise a little doubtful about this set of events, but I figure that if you're going to lose your camera, you might as well have a good story to tell about it!

So, another camera has been ordered and hopefully we'll have more photos to post soon. Sorry about the delay, but you know how aggressive seagulls get when they develop a taste for pocket-sized electronics.

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Yeah, well you should have seen those "flying rats" scatter when my stunt kite came swooping after them. And I kid you not, there were forty of those things swarming the bag and blanket.


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