Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a simply splendid Mother's Day today and I hope that all of you moms out there had a similarly great day. The boys have been teasing me for days about how many presents I was going to get and how much I would love them all, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Sam made me no fewer than four Mother's Day cards, which were all very sweet, plus a journal with those fantastic lines with the dotted middle line to show you where your lower-case letters should end :) and my very own popsicle-stick jewelry box (which he was quick to point out could be used for any small objects, not just jewelry). Sam also gave me a book that he made at school, complete with illustrations:
My Love for You
Is prettier than the flower below (flower drawn below, of course)
Is taller than the capital state building
Is longer than a river
Is bigger than the U.S.A.
Is stronger than a gorila
And greater than all of these together forever!

Yeah, it was pretty freaking sweet.

Daddy and Ben collaborated on a gift that came in the biggest box I have ever received on Mother's Day - a new clock for the back yard! For those of you acquainted with our back yard, you'll probably remember that we have had a series of fountains that all break after a couple of years, so Steve decided that maybe a clock with hanging baskets of flowers would hold up better and Ben approved (although he did mention a few times that he would rather have gotten a bird bath - that kid loves his water!)

So my day started with breakfast and presents in bed, church, and a quick lunch before going to see Iron Man (great flick - throughly enjoyed by all. And, yes, it was my idea to go see the movie on Mother's Day, I wasn't dragged by any of the boys). Then we came home, planted some more veggies in the garden (green bean time!), installed the clock, and had dinner! It was a wonderful day - but with such fabulous boys, and the knowledge that next Mother's Day we will be a family of five, how could my day have been anything less than fantastic?!?


Kristen and Jim Powell said...

Okay, the toothpick phase has us rolling with laughter! Awesome! Oh, and looks like Ben's ready to be an Abercrombie model (swimsuit shot with the new garden clock!)

Jstar said...

Yes... I guess that the drawstring is proving less effective than one would hope...


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