Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adoption Update

We don't really have much of an adoption update to share - our dossier has been in Kazakhstan for three weeks of the two months that translation will probably take and we won't know much until translation is completed and our dossier goes on to the consulate in New York. We're trying to wait patiently and I'll admit that I struggle knowing that our little girl is waiting for us in an orphanage, not knowing that we're waiting just as eagerly for her, but I also know that God's timing is so much better than ours that it's beyond belief! And we trust Him far more than we trust ourselves.

So, what are we up to, besides redecorating seemingly our whole home, planting trees in the back yard, and getting the gardens in order? Well, today we met with Teacher Ben, Ben's new Russian tutor! He's a really nice guy who served in LDS mission in Russia and is going to come over three evenings per week to teach our little Ben Russian words and phrases to use with his new sestra and her friends in the baby house. Ben has exhibited a keen interest in learning Russian, so Russian lessons are a summer project for him (and all of us). I think it'll be really fun for all, and we've already learned the words for "doll" and "boy", so I think we're off to a great start :) If we're going to survive the seemingly interminable wait for our little Beauty, we might as well do it productively.

Paca! (that's like chao in Russian - see how much we're learning already!)

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Taylor Family Fun said...

Wow!! I am so in awe of your family. What an exciting adventure!!! My step dad was adopted and the whole process is just so amazing. Your little girl will be so blessed when you are all finally united.


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