Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crazy Monkeys

I know that few of you out there will doubt it, but I think that I must have the craziest monkey boys in the whole wide world. Steve got new equipment for our swingset last weekend, and Ben is throughly enjoying the new "trampese" as he calls it. He has mastered hanging from his legs, "just like they do in the circus" and doing "skincats" to dismount. He's only knocked the air out of himself once so far, so we figure that we're going well.

The boys' other crazy new hobby is eating exclusively with toothpicks. It all started when they tried some samples of chicken fingers at Costco and liked them so much that Steve agreed to purchase said chicken fingers. But it will come as no surprise that once the chicken fingers were cooked in our oven at home, they lost some of their appeal - that is until Steve cut them up and let the boys eat them with toothpicks a la Costco samples! Now that boys are hooked - they haven't eaten a meal since then with forks. In fact, Ben speared every green bean last night with his toothpick!

Never a dull moment...

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