Sunday, June 1, 2008

T-ball Game 1

T-ball season has arrived here in Orem and Sam and Ben are all caught up in t-ball fever (or at least as much fever as you could expect from any Morningstar about a sports season that doesn't involve strapping planks to our feet)! We are very fortunate that Sam and Ben are close enough in age to be on the same team this year, which is convenient for all. They've had a couple of practices and yesterday was the first of the season's five games.

It was a crazy day - we had a yard sale in the morning with our Small Group from church to raise money to buy property for a church in Uganda, so it was a very early morning but well worth it - just our four families raised almost $500! Small groups all over Christ Evangelical are following Jesus' instructions to sell our possessions and give to the poor and it has been so exciting to help another church raise a building before we break ground on our own new facility. I was so proud of the boys for picking out ten video games to sell, especially to see their excitement when those games alone raised $100. And despite the hectic day and busy morning, Sam and Ben had great attitudes and really enjoyed the game. I only caught them sitting in the grass pulling clover instead of attempting to retrieve the ball once!

Ben had his classic first game experience of hitting the ball and then standing at the tee in total confusion until his coach convinced him to drop the bat and run to first base, which he did eventually locate. Yeah, it was as cute as it sounds. But by the end he was rounding the bases with the best of them. Answering questions about which team won was a bit tricky, since there are no outs, each kid gets to hit in every inning, and every hit is a single, but Ben figured that his team, the Goldens (the kids named it themselves), must have won because they had more kids than the other team. Works for me!

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