Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Summer has officially arrived! After a marvelously cool spring, we're now experiencing normal Utah summer heat and sun. It's actually feeling pretty good right now - Steve set up the little pool in the back yard, we made it to Seven Peaks Friday afternoon, and everybody is sporting that little "first exposure of summer" sun burn.

Aunt Sarah is in town this week (she's not technically an aunt but Sam's Godmother and our very good friend from college), so we're making good use of our time and nice weather. Thursday night we went up to Sundance for a full moon lift ride, which was really delightful. Mean mother that I am, I requested that Ben wear shoes up to Sundance (and he acquiesced to the hat and vest on his own, although I'll admit that when I asked him to put on a fleece, I assumed he would put on fleece with long sleeves) and he ended up with this very novel pair of two left shoes! Oh well, at least we brought plenty of blankets with us on the lift.

Then Friday took us to Seven Peaks and up to the drive in at night where Ben's longstanding love of churros was revived - how can you say no to a sugar-coated donut stick? Ben also tried several bites of fried chicken, biscuit, and potato wedges, which I was very impressed with since the farthest Sam normally ventures away from his normal fare is slightly different shaped chicken nuggets than his norm or hot dogs with very faint grill marks (as long as the "black stuff" can be wiped off). We had a great time watching Prince Caspian, especially watching Susan kick some butt in the battles while wearing a pretty dress (ok, maybe that was Mommy's favorite part). I'll confess, however, that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the Narnia that I'm really looking forward to (with The Silver Chair coming a close second). Caspian is Steve's favorite Narnia book, though, so I guess that the rest of the movies will go downhill for him.

Needless to say, after two late nights and full days, Saturday is scheduled to bring naps :)

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Amylawinda said...

Looks like your summer is off to an awesome start!!!


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