Saturday, June 28, 2008

Entrepreneur of the Year

Last night Steve and I had the pleasure of attending the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards for Utah. Besides being a fun chance to dress up, get Steve into a tux, and eat a really good plate of food (all fabulous side benefits, by the way!), we were really there to cheer on the Move Networks CEO, John Edwards. John was one of the three finalists in the Technology category and I am very proud to say that he and Move Networks were the proud recipients of the award! It was a very exciting validation of the amazing technology we're producing at Move and a well-earned award for John.

Here's a photo of Steve looking oh-so-hot and me looking not so bad myself. We ended up missing most of cocktail hour :( because of a dress fiasco - getting into the car, the zipper on my gown broke! We're not talking about unzipping or a little problem here - it was a total zipper malfunction. After 20 minutes of working on said zipper with pliers and a screwdriver, we declared it dead. We briefly considerd just sewing me into the dress, but instead chose to go with a plan B frock. But, of course, I had no formal shoes to wear with the plan B dress, so after a panicked trip to Target to pick up hose and shoes, we were finally on the road to Salt Lake. The new shoes were really lovely, but I think had the spikiest heels I have ever worn - thank goodness there was no dancing!

I know, all of you true heels-wearers will scoff, but I was impressed with myself for surviving all night on these babies. I'm not sure that the pictures do them justice - here's a special heel-highlight shot.

Even with the dress disaster and glamorously uncomfortable shoes, I have to say that the night redeemed itself. We did make it in time for a cocktail before dinner, and being there to congratulate John on his success and share in a little corner of that spotlight as one member of the extraordinary Move Networks team made all of my outfit challenges well worthwhile.


Jason Russell said...

Good news about Move. The two Prosper founders were honored by Ernst and Young in 2005, and it's a pretty big deal. And that's great news about the dossier (I could have posted there, but nah).

Amylawinda said...

Well you both look FABULOUS!!! How fun

Jstar said...

Thanks you guys!


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