Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finishing the Cycling Year in Style

You know I'm a "never a bad day to ride" cycler, but with short days and snow on the horizon my riding days will soon be eclipsed by powder days! Even with losing 5 weeks of prime riding season to a super lame ankle injury, I managed to hit 3,000 miles in 2014 this weekend and I have to admit that sounds like a pretty good number. The ankle's almost healed now (I tore the membrane between the tib and fib mountain biking in July and it still swells up when I exercise. Like I said, super lame) and I'm excited for an even better 2015 season.

I had a bunch of awesome rides this season. The highlights were the Huntsman 140 (140 miles in 10 hours including stops - I was thrilled!) and a tandem podium finish at the Tour de Donut but the very best ride of all was completing the Wonder Woman Century with my mom!

Wonder Woman was the perfect ride - the weather was fantastic, we looked unbelievably good and totally on-theme, and we even got cheers along the way from our very favorite pint-sized support crew. We did have a small sock-cape-stuck-in-chain-incident (like Edna Mode says, No Capes!) but even losing a sock cape couldn't dampen our spirits!

My mom did awesome and slogged through her first full century with a better average speed than she had in her last 75 - that's a pretty great accomplishment for your first century and at 4500 feet no less! Finishing up 100 miles in a day is definitely a "dig deep" kind of experience and she definitely finished the ride a true Wonder Woman.

So here's to a great 2014 cycling season, a fluffy 2014-15 ski season, and an even better 2015 riding year to come!

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