Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014 (or, how to dress up for a wedding)

Here we are, all cleaned up for pictures
Halloween 2014 was a different kind of holiday for us - instead of our usual party at home, we were in St. Louis hanging out with family at my cousin's wedding. While a Halloween wedding is admittedly unusual, we had a blast checking out a new city (photos to come), hanging out with family, and looking awesome for my cousin's wedding.

And here we are, presto chango, looking even awesomer for the wedding. Trust us, the kids changed out of their photo clothes in record time. And we like to think we brought a little sparkle to the bride and groom's day - how could you not feel awesome walking down the aisle with all of your favorite (and creatively contrived) Star Wars characters greeting you?!?

Episode 4 Luke Skywalker
Episode 4 Luke is always ready for a battle (plus he hates smiling for photos)
Compare the original - we are slaves to the detail!
Han is always too cool for school
Episode 4 Han Solo strikes a pose
Sam may rival Mr. Ford for the coolest space smuggler award
Sasha was determined to be something cute and cuddly this Halloween, so of course she's an Ewok!
Cutest Ewok around!
And Miss Ying makes an appearance as Princess Darth Vadar
(We're pretty sure she's an upcoming character in Episode 7)
And a good time was had by all!

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