Sunday, November 30, 2014

White Thanksgiving

Confession: We are most definitely "eat to live, not live to eat" people. Hamburger Helper totally counts as a home-cooked meal. And, although we can and have put together some pretty lovely and inspired holiday tables, when the choice comes down to:
a) skiing and eating out
b) spending all day cooking, 30 minutes eating, and then 2 hours doing dishes

Well, the a's have it every time!

2014 marks our second Thanksgiving in a row celebrated with gratitude for time together as a family, God's amazing creation, and the Greatest Snow on Earth.

And it was fabulous.
Lift selfies are our favorites
Ben dresses loud and skis even louder
Pink pants twinners strut our stuff
It was such a beautiful day - I think we could see all the way our house!
Groomers, pow, sun, or shadow, I'm just happy to be free-heeling
Like I said, he skis loud
Sasha is looking good and very excited for ski team to start up this year!
We're not sure who Sam was racing, but apparently he won
The Yingster totally rocked the blue squares
Sash shows off her mad park skills
A beautiful day spent with my very favorite people - the boys were even sweet enough to ski with us all day (this may have been influenced by the lack of black diamond slopes open, confining them to their sisters' ability level, but I'm still grateful they stuck with us!)
Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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