Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Podium Finish - The Tour de Donut

WanYing Describes the Tour de Donut

So what we do at the Tour of Donut is what we do is eat lots of donuts and ride to each stop and have donuts and go to the last stop and sometimes we even get water bottles at the end. You want to eat donuts because it's fun to eat donuts and it's good time to watch movies at home after you have a lot of energy out.

The weather today was really rainy and it even rained after the Tour of Donuts. The rain was soaking wet and I even hadded to change my pants and underwear after it since it was soaking wet.

It was 3 miles. That was really far and we got soaking each time we went to a stop. And it was really cold and when it rained after just like a little second it was soaking on my pants.

My dad worked really hard of pedaling.

And at the end of the Tour of Donut I got a medal!

It was really tiring and we ate lots of donuts and I ate one at each stop and my dad like eated a whole entire row and smooshed it and eated it and eated it and took a drink after every bite he had.

I think you should really do it because it's so fun and next time it might not be rainy and if it's raining you can just bring rain jackets and if you can you can bring your rain umbrellas and you can get a teeny rope and tie it to your holder and then you'll be not rainy really much.

Mommy Fills in Some Details

Every once in a while an event comes along and evokes the uncanny feeling that you were born for just such a moment.  For the Morningstar family, the Utah Tour de Donut was one such experience.

Here's the premise:
  • Three 7-mile laps (for a total of 21 miles)
  • 2 donut stops, one each after lap 1 and 2
  • 3 minutes deducted for each donut consumed
  • All for fun, glory, and to benefit the American Fork Rotary Club

And here's how we fared:
  • 2 boys DNF after the first (soaking) 7-mile loop. It's hard to blame them... it was pretty miserable. At least they did 7 miles, right?
  • Both tandem teams (Steve + WanYing on the Xtracycle and Jamie + Sasha on the Trail-a-Bike) persevered, dug deep, and finished strong
  • Daddy lead the way in donut consumption with a thoroughly nauseating 14 donuts consumed, beating his goal of a baker's dozen. Gross (yes, incredibly gross) calories consumed: 3780
  • Mommy hit her goal, shoving down 9 donuts. Gross calories of 2430
  • The girls had an admittedly weak showing with 2 donuts for WanYing and 1 for Sasha, although Sasha did make up for it by pedaling strong on the second half
  • We are pleased to report zero "reversals"
  • As of the writing of this post 7 hours after finishing, the concept of food is still nauseating

We know that you've come to expect the very best from us, especially when it comes to competitive cycling. We did not disappoint in our first Tour de Donut appearance.

Registration was a little complicated since the girls couldn't register as individuals since they wouldn't be riding alone; so instead we registered as two tandem teams. This meant that we were up against adult tandem teams with two actual contributing members on both the pedaling and donut consumption fronts. But we were up for the challenge.

We are proud to report that Team Morningstar A (Mommy and Sasha) crammed in enough donuts and rode hard enough to take 3rd in the tandem division! There was a little confusion since originally we had signed up for Mommy and WanYing to ride together and ended up switching riders for the actual race so technically WanYing was awarded Sasha's medal but it all worked out in the end when we just gave both girls medals.

Because, really, when it comes to biking and donuts, aren't we all champions?

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