Monday, September 29, 2014

Other Meals of Note

We've been spending a lot of time this fall eating crappy pizza and writing about it. It's exhausting work. I had no idea how much mediocre-to-truly-awful pizza could be had within mere miles of my home.

But consuming and documenting deeply meh pizza for your amusement isn't all we've been up to in the last few months!

Notable Meal 1

This year we successfully harvested a few red, ripe watermelons from our garden, much to the girls' delight. They were suitably thrilled.

Notable Meal 2

We are still searching for a restaurant that has truly earned the "honor" of our first zero-slice ("I would not eat this pizza at any price") rating, but meanwhile Ben successfully created a horrific set of english muffin pizzas a few weeks ago.

Here's his special recipe: Combine four soggy english muffins with a ton of sauce and a poorly chosen cheese (colby jack? really?). Heat to lukewarm. Attempt to consume.

The result? He successfully choked down two.

Notable Meal 3

As a belated anniversary dinner we headed up to the first (hopefully the first of many!) Bearclaw Supper Club at Sundance.

We figured we'd earn our dinner and so rather than taking Arrowhead lift up to Bearclaw we hiked ourselves on up. It was a perfect, beautiful afternoon with my very favorite person.

And just look at what awaited us at the top! This is definitely the best dinner-with-a-view that we've ever enjoyed!

Ok, fun over, time to get back to eating astoundingly awful pizza.

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