Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Picky Pizza Posters - Lucy's New York Style Pizzaria

Leaping from our California experience, we go to the east coast for our pizza inspiration with a New York Style pizzeria. Very apropos since we had one of our favorite east coast dwellers join us for dinner. Grammy joined us for this adventure and since she grew up in the state next to New York, she must be an expert in pizza that is New York style.

Ben: It’s not that New Yorkish.
Sam: How would you know?
Ben: There’s Mount Timpanogos over there! That’s not in New York.

Sasha’s analysis: “The pickle plate was really good and the olives were great. Grammy liked the olives the most. The mozzarella is really good. The drinks are really good. Grammy, what is your number for the olive and pickles appetizers?”
Grammy: “7”.
Sasha: “It only goes to 6!”


Exposed brick wall with unframed pictures of New York, Sparse layout. Alternative music playing. Generously sized booth a good size for seven people. USB charging outlets! Wifi wasn’t working for us. Plastic pizza peels to draw on. Great view of Squaw Peak over the Smith's parking lot.

Ben: They’re trying too hard to be New York. (points to black and white picture of some random clock) That’s the tower of London!
Sam: (points to different picture) Do you mean the Statue of Liberty cause that is IN New York.

Sam: How sexist! Only a baby changing station in the women’s restroom.

Price for a large cheese: $12


Thin crust, very crispy, So floppy you have to fold it, Super cheese, stretchy, high quality with lots of flavor

Sam: Leaving a trace of grease on my plate! This is gunna be good. Greasius maximus.

Sasha: I like cheese.

Sam: Wow, hot hot hot. Nuculear grease.
Mom: Don’t you mean nuclear?
Sam: Sowwy, it haad ta say wid a burnt tounge.

Ben: My crust bubble looks like a spider built a nest inside. Wait a minute! There are tomato pieces in the sauce. Gross!
Dad: You know sauce is made of tomatoes, right?


4/6 Slices

But we’ll have to go to New York and compare just to be sure.

Sam: I’m just not sure that Utah Valley’s signature dish is New York style pizza.

And Grammy was nice enough to pay for dinner. Maybe she’ll fly with us all out to New York to try out authentic New York Style Pizza straight from the source!
WanYing was not a huge fan of the cannoli. More for the rest of us! 

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