Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not Exactly as Planned

Unfortunately, this week we were foiled in our attempts at a Tragedy Averted Tuesday and ended up instead with a Semi-Tragic Tuesday.

It appears that my road biking skills far surpass those of mountain biking and I ended up with an interosseous membrane tear - a tear of the membrane that connects the tibia and fibula. Sigh. Apparently falling down the mountain instead of continuing on the path across the mountain causes scrapes and bangs and a temporary cessation of independent walking ability. I'll keep that in mind on my next biking excursion... once I can walk again...

But in the big picture this isn't too terrible an injury. No surgery is required and everything should re-attach on its own. I'll spend a couple of weeks in the boot and then should be able to hobble freely again without the boot or crutches (which sounds amazing). And the boys are secretly grateful for the injury because they get to catch up on episodes of How I Met Your Mother with an immobile mom. And the best part is that the doc said that as soon as I can walk again on my own without sharp pain I can start riding - I'll just stick to the roads for the foreseeable future.

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