Monday, August 4, 2014

Albion Basin Camping

One of our very favorite summer traditions is camping at Albion Basin, a campground in the heart of what is the Alta Ski Area in the winter. Camping under a ski lift at 9,000 feet is nothing short of magical for this family!

This year's Albion adventure was a little colder and rainier than average, but held all of the requisite elements of a mountain getaway - wildflowers, romping, wildlife, and plenty of amazing views.

The Indian Paintbrush were especially vivid this year - I think they're my favorite Utah wildflowers
We were so lucky that the campground reservations we made months ago happened to catch the wildflowers at their peak!
Of course, the children insisted on climbing aboard every lift chair they could possibly reach
One of our favorite places + so many of our favorite people = one great long weekend
You'd think they've never seen a ski lift before!
You couldn't expect them to smile for all the pictures, could you?
Methinks there's a moose sighting!
I think the moose like the mountains and ski lifts as much as we do
He didn't seem to mind our intrusion too much
Never fear, we passed (carefully) without incident
Time for board games at the campsite!
Campfire + Rainy the Van + Annex the Trailer = Camping Paradise!
And when the weather went south we went into The Annex for more board games
But the up-side of a rainy evening is a beautiful morning! Here's the view from our campsite
And of course we had to take our yearly hike up to Cecret Lake
Off we go!
Cecret is such a great hike
Taking in the views
Tah dah! We made it to the lake! And only one of us fell in (this self same WanYing)
As always, Albion was amazing
I think the mountains look good on us!
See ya this winter, Albion!

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