Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camping at Albion

A few weeks ago we spent a gorgeous weekend camping at one of my favorite places on earth - Albion Basin (yep, the same place where we just took family portraits - not a coincidence!).  We enjoyed the company of dear friends, beautiful hikes, wildlife and wildflowers, and the pleasures of camping under the Alta ski lifts.  An excellent weekend indeed!
One happy girl after her meal of chili cheese dogs on the fire (which we enjoyed for two consecutive nights - why deviate from a winner?)
Camping under the ski lifts
Mommy and WanYing explore the campground
Hey, look what we found!  Hello, Mr. Moose!
And a Mrs. Moose with Baby Moose!
This guy really liked our campsite.  He's the biggest fox I've ever seen - and both of these may have something to do with children and chili cheese dogs...
Walking up to Cecret Lake
Those specs on the other side of the lake are the boys salamander hunting.  The girls decided that they wanted to go join the boys, and about 15 minutes after saying yes it occurred to me that I hadn't seen them in a while...
And my girls were all the way on the other side of the lake crossing the scree in pursuit of their brothers!  Definitely not the easy way around... but no obstacle will stand in the way of my adventuresome girls!
Day 2 - Hiking to Catherine's Pass
Ah, Albion, I love ya
Made it to the pass!  Time for some snacks
Time for lots of snacks!
Our whole gang. I sure do love these families!
Couple shot at the top
And time to hike back down again.  It was a great weekend!

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