Thursday, September 6, 2012

Biking Bonanza

2012 has definitely been the Year of the Bike here in the Morningstar home.  Since May, I've ridden almost 1700 miles, including a big ride on Monday up to South Fork Canyon, down to Seven Peaks, and then home again (38.5 miles). Hooray for Labor Day and a Mmom and husband to watch the kids while I ride!

Biking has been such a joy and gift to me in these crazy months.  The solitude, the wind in my face, moving forward with just the strength of my body, physically working out the fear and frustration, singing songs to myself with the cadence of my pedaling... it's all been so, so good for my body and soul.   I am grateful for my bike, and for the man who surprised me with a very unexpected and now very well used gift for my super-tough 33rd birthday.

And I'm grateful for the God who gives me views like this at every turn!
My bike valet service rocks - they do a pretty good job cleaning off a dirty bike and I love the fancy uniform!
We finished off this week's girls' ride with "dinner" at The Chocolate.  Clearly we were all very pleased with the final destination of our ride :)

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