Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Friends

Yesterday we were blessed to share dinner and a playdate with one of Sasha's first American friends, Shannon.

Shannon and her husband adopted Sasha's cribmate Olivia from the Botakoz Baby House in 2008 and quickly fell in love with little Sasha as well.  They were instrumental in petitioning for the baby house to complete Sasha's paperwork so that she would be adoptable and were a huge encouragement to us along the way as we pursued Sasha's adoption.

We are so, so grateful for Shannon and her family!  It was so good to see Sash and Shannon together again... our little girl has come so far in the four years between these photos.  It's equally heartbreaking and astonishing to think that the 12 pound 10-month-old girl in this photo who could barely hold her head up is now our spunky, sassy, zany Sasha.

Shannon, thanks for loving our baby girl before we even started considering adoption.  Thanks for pushing agency and orphanage to get her paper ready so that she could having a loving family and permanent home rather than languishing in group care.  And thanks for encouraging and loving on us every step of the way as we brought Sash home.  We love you!

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