Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Days of School!

School started this week and 3/4 of my kids are super excited for the start of a new year (the frowning one is less enthusiastic).  Having a Kindergartener and a Sixth Grader is freaking me out a little - when did my babies get so big!?!  But overall the first week has gone well.

Here are the kids' reports on the first few days of school in their own words:

I am in Theresa's Kindergarten. I like all the work and I sit very quietly and my friend's Drew and I like him. I like you, you're my best friend.

I like to play Polly Pockets and screw stuff with tools. I like turtles. I like Flipper but I can't remember the other name. I like cupcakes and fruit snacks, goldfish crackers for snack.

 I like going on adventures, cause I went on adventure today (I think those our outings from the classroom - after this sentence she showed me her bag filled with acorns leaves and other treasures collected outside). I like acorns, peas and seeds and nuts.

I like Kindergarten.

Ben declines to comment on Fourth Grade.

Sixth Grade, so far, has been easy. Although it's only opening week. We haven't really done any school work, we've done a park day, a movie, an open house, and brain cruncher day.

I hope to get into the Creative Computing, Spanish, and Digital Photography electives. I look forward to schoolwork, it'll give me something to do!

Hooray for new beginnings and the start of a new year!


Kristen and Jim Powell said...

Love the shoes that match the backpacks! So thoughtful and well planned! Was Sarah there for this too? :)
Your kids are so cute! And big! Miss you all.

MissM said...

Ah, such typical responses from the kids! They may be growing up too fast but it's nice that their personalities are consistent.


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