Sunday, August 5, 2012

Matching Scarheads

Ben and Mandy have each had a tough couple of weeks. Mandy tousled with an unknown assailant in the night and ended up with a headwound and sprained paw. Ben tousled with a framed picture of himself and ended up with a three-stitcher right between the eyes.

We are flummoxed as to why he and WanYing were lying on their backs in the front hall and how a framed picture of Ben became dislodged from the wall and landed squarely between Ben's eyes, but mercifully the wound was held together with super deluxe super glue from the instacare clinic instead of actual stitches.

Incredibly, these were the first emergency stitches/super glue applications ever for the Morningstar family!

Both patients are healing nicely and Ben is looking forward to dressing like Harry Potter every Halloween without needing to draw a scar on his forehead!

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