Monday, August 20, 2012

You don't see that every day

While I was over in Ireland on my blessed, blessed "work" trip, I managed to snap a few pictures of things you don't see every day, at least not in Orem, Utah. Hope these make you smile as much as me!

Beef Jerky - truly the traditional American style steak snack.  I asked the clerk if only Americans buy this and she assured me that it is also enjoyed by other cultures.
The vacuums at the hotel.  I think I'd enjoy housework a lot more if my vacuum smiled at me!
I love this mix of the ancient and the new all intertwined
A tea station in every corridor of the VMware Cork office - I was born on the wrong continent!
The signs for Limerick never failed to make me smile
You *know* this would never fly in the U.S. - a garden all full of poison plants!  It was great - every sign told you the symptoms induced by the plant and, for the record, it did recommend that you keep your kids from touching or eating the foliage.

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