Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of (Pre)School!

I can't believe my little baby WanYing is big enough for preschool! WanYing started school this week (a full week ahead of the rest of the kids) and here are her thoughts on her first few days of school:

I did coloring.  I did listen to my teacher.  I did go see the kitchen.  I ate marshmallows.  I did see my friends.  My teacher is Miss Cricket.  She's nice to me and I like her. And I goed back in my class and I did play with toys.  There's a turtle there and a sea horse (but not a real sea horse).  We feed Razor the Turtle.  He eats turtle things.  And I did get my purse - it says WanYing.

I like school.  I like to play there.

1 comment:

MissM said...

She's adorable and looking so grown up!

Is her teacher's name really Miss Cricket?


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