Monday, August 20, 2012

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of traveling to Cork Ireland on the company's dime!  It was great - both the at-work time where I spent my days training the Cork office on our new products and the out-of-work time where I got to explore the city and countryside.  It was a blessed hiatus from my normal responsibilities as wife and mom and truly a grace-filled time for me.

Here's my vehicle and my favorite scene from my commute to work.  The bike wasn't as nice as my ride at home, but the scenery was sure amazing!
I'm grateful that I didn't try driving - biking on the left-hand side of the road was hard enough!
Cork from the top of my hotel
The canal in front of the hotel
A pint, a good book, and a band coming on stage.  This is an a-ok way to spend the evening!
Admittedly, there were many rainy nights, but even those were pretty

The bike ride out to Blarney Castle was plenty hard, but the views were worth it.  How do they make stone fences anyway?!?
Blarney Castle - built in 1480
Clearly I've grown unaccustomed to the sunlight - it made me all squinty!
The Blarney Stone is right there at the tippy top above the windows
Inside the castle
Kissing the Blarney Stone.  Are you impressed by my newfound eloquence?
The Fern Gardens at Blarney Castle were so cool
On Saturday I rode my bike out to Cobh, the last port that the Titanic left from
A girl, her bike, and a whole lotta wind
Just pretend this is the Titanic :)
A soggy ride back, but still a nice Saturday afternoon
My Sunday ride down the Lee Road - so beautiful!
Rain and wheat fields in my view as I shelter under a tree for the shower
I rode the train out to Midleton to tour the Jameson Distillery
Jamie at Jameson!
They don't give these to just anybody - I had to *earn* this certificate!
My last evening in Ireland - I took the bus to Kinsale
Kinsale was so very beautiful - it was the perfect end to my trip
Along the Scilly Walk at Kinsale
The end of a wonderful trip - thanks, Ireland!

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