Saturday, August 4, 2012

Equestrian Sasha

This summer I sprang for a sweet Groupon for horseback riding lessons for Sash.  Given the combination of her love for all things fuzzy and the importance of horses in Kazakh culture, I figured this was a slam dunk.  I was not disappointed. 

Here's Sasha's narration of her last lesson with Miss Baylee and Simon the Pony:
Thank you for letting me get him out
I'm taking him out of the fence to the fence where we brush him and comb him on his tail and his hair
He's hard to pull
I'm brushing him.  I like brushing him and combing him with his hair and his tail.
I'm trying to get the rocks and the stuff out of his foot
Thanks for helping me figure out which way he's going from you straight to you and so I went to the left and the right.
Thanks for letting me take him around and it's so fun when you help me take his leash and I like to turn him and turn him each way.
Thanks for letting me ride him by myself and I like telling him which way to go.
And I went to the left and right and then straight
I walked him around
I look happy on the horse by myself
I like hugging him to make him goodbye and it's so fun to hug him and I love him so much and I like riding him and he says "brrrr" and he's so comfy and fuzzy.

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ShannonStegarp said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. SUPER CUTENESS! Olivia and Sash are 2 peas in a pod -- Olivia adores all fuzzy things too, and horses -- OH MY! When I show her these pictures she's gonna scream with delight. She's been begging me to take lessons ... and she can when it cools down. XOXO


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