Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Picky Pizza Posters - Hungry Howie's

The ultimate quest for the worst pizza experience in Utah Valley

by Sam

Hungry Howies is “Home of the flavored crust pizza” ,which is almost as disgusting as it sounds. It is also the eleventh largest pizza franchise in the nation. yay.

The location we visited was probably not designed to eat in, as it has only ten seats and a very distinct lack of bathrooms.

the service was very fast.

The pizza smells… interesting. The taste exceeds my expectations (which isn’t saying to much). The sauce tastes cheap, the crust is… interesting and the cheese tastes bland, but hey! Its pizza! How bad can it be?

Hungry Howie's Overall Score: 3/6 slices

Editor's note - as a reminder, here's our rating scale:
0 slices - I would not eat this at any price
1 slices - It’s not good but at least its pizza
2 slices - I would consider coming back if every other pizza place was closed
3 slices - Cheap enough and edible enough for my kid’s birthday party
4 slices - I’ll come back, but Dad is buying
5 slices - Somewhere between 4 and 6
6 slices - Stuffing some in my pockets to eat later

Other notes from the editors

Cost of a large cheese pizza: $9
Cost of a family special with 2 pizzas, 2 liters of root beer, and a cinnamon dessert pizza: $21.50
Pizzas ordered:
  • 1 extra cheese with "butter cheese" flavored crust. Yes, "butter cheese" was the name of the flavor. 
  • 1 Italian sausage with ranch flavored crust. We thought we should choose a bold flavor but couldn't bring ourselves to order "barbecue chip" flavored crust. The sausage-ranch combination may have been a mistake. Crust had a distinctly Dorito-like aftertaste, which I like in Doritos but it turns out not so much in pizza.
  • 1 cinnamon sugar dessert bread with icing dipping sauce. Sauce featured disgustingly prominently below.

Ben's Howie-face impression
Ben clearly loses the Howie-face contest by a mile
Never one to lose gracefully, Ben ups the ante by drinking down the icing dipping sauce
Shockingly, this leaves him feeling "uggggh" by the time we get home

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