Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Picky Pizza Posters - Denny's

By Steve and Ben

Yes, Denny's. Not a pizza restaurant. It’s good for breakfast, but not really any other food. They don’t actually have a large pizza. But they do carry a personal pizza on their kids menu that deserved a rating on our list of not so exquisite pizzas. And besides, you need a Grand Slam from time to time.


Basic diner decor. Greasy handprints on obviously Photoshopped diner picture with a sucker stick stuck to the picture frame. Comfy cushions in booth, yet you don’t want to lean back lest you touch the back rest wet with sweat from the previous occupants. Old timey signs claiming 15 cent milkshakes (that they apparently do NOT honor). Kids menus with crayons to keep the littles busy. Not so busy that they forget to spill their beverage all over the table however.


Honestly best service we’ve ever had had this place. Server was well versed on what the menu items were. She did claim the kids pizza was quite good when asked and confirmed that there were not large pizzas on the menu, so her opinions are suspect despite her surprising competence. Complimentary WiFi always a plus.


Vanilla Coke. Bottomless hot cocoa. Ben: I’m surprised that they serve this in the summer.

Pizza Impressions

Gooey crust; the back crust feels stale, giving a somewhat crunchy mouthfeel; microwaved-nuclear hot, Sauce-to-cheese proportions tilted too far towards sauce, has some sort of peppery looking flakes to add to the visual appeal, greatly resembles grass clippings; best described as a microwave pizza sponge

Mom: Tastes like a warm Combo
Sam: At least it feels hot the whole way through.
Ben : Its like a grease sponge.
Sasha : Not that bad, I like it!
WanYing: Its not zero bad.

Sam: They should give the person who takes photos for the menu a raise, since they make it LOOK edible. It's worse than I remember...

Dad: I never claimed anyone needed to finish their slice. This is just wrong.

The pizza was quickly abandoned when the pancake puppies and Grand Slams arrived.

$3.59 with a drink and a side. If it were a large (heaven forbid) it would probably be about $7

General Consensus

1 out of 6 slices

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