Sunday, August 17, 2014

Snowbird Staycation

Last weekend we took one more summer mini-vacation and partied in style up at Snowbird. It was such a blast!

Last Saturday and Sunday were the the final stages of the Tour of Utah, Utah's biggest professional bike race. Half of us was super duper excited to volunteer for the Tour of Utah. The other half was kindly supportive of the idea. So we devised a plan.

Our plan was brilliant and foolproof - spend a small fortune on hotel, food, and activities all for the fun of volunteering a half day of our time to play a small part in the inner workings of a bicycle race. How could we go wrong? So we made reservations at The Cliff Lodge. We bought the kids activity wristbands so they were entertained. We gave them cash for lunch. All for the fun of racking bikes and helping spectators safely cross the road...

...and having front row seats for the finish!

It was a fabulous day, and the fun was only beginning.

We spent the remainder of our weekend enjoying a last-hurrah summer vacation before the beginning of school and it was perfect. It's amazing how getting out of the house and visiting a beautiful and super-fun environment with the people you love can turn an ordinary 36 hours into a bonafide vacation.

We jumped, flipped, leaped, and tumbled

We sailed and glided and flew
We coasted and screamed and laughed and never applied the brakes

We climbed and balanced and helped our terrified and screaming sister (they earned massive big-brother points on this one)

We slid and banked and used our brakes only a little

And we cuddled and hugged and enjoyed our time together.
Our Snowbird mini-staycation was the perfect end to a great summer. We're so blessed to have fabulous scenery and super-fun places like Snowbird right in our backyard! Now... time to go school supply shopping!

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