Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Picky Pizza Posters - Pizzaria 712

The ultimate quest for the worst pizza experience in Utah Valley

Based on the premise that there is no such thing as pizza that isn’t worth eating, we’ve decided to make it our goal to find the worst pizza place in our home town area of Orem. So for this school year we are going to a new pizza place every week with the explicit goal of discovering what the worst pizza in the valley is. We spent Tuesday evening in our local pizzeria discussing what our pizza rankings would look like and decided on the following scale:

0 slices - I would not eat this at any price
1 slices - It’s not good but at least its pizza
2 slices - I would consider coming back if every other pizza place was closed
3 slices - Cheap enough and edible enough for my kid’s birthday party
4 slices - I’ll come back, but Dad is buying (ed. pretty sure I always buy)
5 slices - Somewhere between 4 and 6
6 slices - Stuffing some in my pockets to eat later

We start our adventure at a place we think has the best pizza in the valley. Pizzeria 712. Hand tossed, made to order pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. Price of one large cheese $10 (14”).


Interesting art work, Spiffy old timey light bulbs, wood fireplace blazing, and derelict building across the street adds to the mystery of pizza production. The sinks in the bathroom are worth having an entire conversation about especially if you are a young teen.  Maybe the sink thesis means he actually washed his hands for once.

Excellent drink choices: Mexicoke, multiple bottled root beers, beer for Dad and wine for Mom. High hipster ratio -- Lots of long beards and RayBans sighted. Our waiter was clearly a gentle soul. But he also was the one that suggested we run out before the check came. While the thought of dashing out of the place turning over tables as we go has a rapscallion quality to it that would make the night memorable, we decided to be average, responsible patrons and pay for our food. Be a good example for the kids and all that.

Sam: And they are so high class they don’t have paper towels in the bathroom, they have regular towels.

Service Provided

Sasha: yummy and fast

Sam: servers are very polite

Ben spilled his water all over himself and was able to mop up his spill incredibly fast. Server brought him a new napkin almost right away.

Overall Impressions

Sam: This delectable yet filling pizza is splendiferous in every way

Crispy and soft at the same time, smokey, Cheese was melty and not too stretchy. Way too good to be on a bad pizza list.

Ben: Pizza for the refined palate

No leftovers, even though there should have been. We ordered a lot and ate every bit.

Pizzeria 712 gets our highest rating of 6 slices. Highly recommend

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