Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Days of School Through the Years

For 9 years my growing family has (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) agreed to first day of school pictures. They started cute and have gotten both more adorable and spunkier through the years!

2007 - First Grade


2008 - Kindergarten and Second Grade


2009 - First and Third Grade

2009 was an epic year for first-day photography

This photo remains one of my very favorites. Sasha (2 and home 6 months) was not about to let that sweet Scooby Doo lunchbox out of her paws!


2010 - Second and Fourth Grade

I love that Ben picked the same first-day shirt 2 years in a row


2011 - Third and Fifth Grade


2012 - Kindergarten, Fourth, and Sixth Grade

Note - this is the year when Ben's strong morning aversion starts to manifest


2013 - First, Fifth, and Seventh Grade

3 awake kids, 1 zombie


2014 - Kindergarten, Second, Sixth, and Eighth Grade

3/4 ready for school. One ready to attack.
Happy first day of school to everybody! We've had such a great summer that it's hard to say goodbye to long days and spur-of-the-minute outings, but after such a fab summer it seems clear that this will be our best school year yet (for 75% of the children)!

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