Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Thumbs up for Denny's

I'm a little (ok, a lot) embarrassed to admit this, but I think that the kids and I have found a new favorite restaurant - Denny's.  I know, I know, it's bizarre... but if you can't expose deep, dark mortifying secrets like this on the internet, where can you expose them?!?

It all started a few days ago when Sasha was jonesing for bacon and eggs like Daddy makes.  Although technically within my culinary reach, I didn't really feel like making bacon and eggs (and raw bacon kind of weirds me out), so instead I stumbled on the brilliant realization that there are restaurants that cook such things, and going to one of those restaurants would in fact spare me from cooking them.  Salvation!

So Saturday after a fairly productive day of yardwork we decided that we earned a "treat" and hopped on the bikes for Denny's.  Yes, I believe we are the only people besides stoners who have ever ridden bikes to Denny's.  But at least the three mile ride (round trip, mind you) left me feeling better about the large quantities of fat I was pretty sure we'd consume.

And consume we did!  Sasha ate a double bacon and egg plate and then begged to have more bacon and eggs for dessert instead of ice cream - and how could I say no to that?  To be fair, I did take photos of her at Denny's enjoying the bliss of scrambled eggs, but she looks high in all of the pictures, which may be appropriate to Denny's, but I declined to post them to spare her future embarrassment.  So you're stuck with photos of WanYing instead.

The boys gorged themselves on pizza and silver dollar pancakes, but WanYing takes the prize for disgusto-meal:  she ordered double bacon and yogurt and, of course, dipped each bite of bacon into the yogurt before savoring the resultant taste sensation.  Ugh.

In the end, we all gave Denny's two thumbs up and plan to return regularly.  Don't judge me unless you try it - any place where 4 kids and a mom can all enjoy a satisfying meal with dessert (or more eggs, as the case may be) and escape for under 30 bucks with tip is ok by me!

Mmmm... bacon...


Amelia said...

Love it! Waffle House is our diner of choice around here...but, there is something about Denny's that is pretty appealing at times. And, on another note - Noah has had both front teeth pulled due to some silly accidents that resulted in cracked I can relate to the toothless pre-schooler look! It is cute. Even it will be for a slight bit longer than usual..

Hewitt said...

Love it! Confession: we love I hop. :)


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