Monday, April 2, 2012

Making and Finished Creations

by Ben

Well, in the picture right now I am doing Purler Beads.  You probably have heard of them but you don't know the brand name.  They're these little beads, which you put on a board with pegs and then you iron it with wax paper on the top and voila!  there's your creation.

As you can see in this picture is some finished creations of Purler Beads.  There's a shovel, a hoe, 2 pick axes, a sword, a creeper, and a TNT and a flashing TNT.  These are all creations from Minecraft.
This is another finished creation, before it was ironed, though.  If you know what Pokemon are, then you would know this is a Pokeball.  I make these to sell them to people in my class.

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