Friday, April 6, 2012

It's My Party

Ok, I have to come clean. I totally underestimated the emotional impact of my birthday yesterday.  I mean, how can anybody help but feel overjoyed to come home to this kind of festivity, right?!?  Well... I came home in something akin to despair.  I guess I figured that since I had survived 2 kids' birthdays and 2 Gotcha Days already this year, my birthday would be fine.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It all hit me at about 4 pm after a super tough day of work - I was alone.  On my birthday.  Alone.  Nobody to take care of me.  The person I love most not here to celebrate me.  My birthday dinner my own to coordinate.  My kids to put to bed single handedly on my birthday.  And in my little VMware cubicle I collapsed into a (mercifully quietly) sobbing mess.

But God is good and I survived my birthday. 

And I really do love my new birthday bicycle (my husband is amazingly thoughtful even 2,000 miles away!) and I can't wait to try riding to work - the sign at the bike shop says that you'll lose 10 pounds of fat by riding 6 miles to work per day so I'm going to give that a try! 

And birthday dinner at Pizzeria 712 was delightful once I mustered the energy to get everybody into the car.

And Laura surprised me with cake after the girls' bedtime.

And I survived my birthday.

And I think 33 is kind of a nice number - all round and friendly-looking.

I'm all for a friendly-looking kind of year.


Kennah said...

I celebrate are amazing regardless of your age or your tears. 33 is nice though. Your nicer :)

Hewitt said...

By the way this is Misty, not Kennah. Hmmm someone has been updating my profile.


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