Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Festivities

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend celebrating the miracle of New Life with the traditional plastic eggs and copious candy... I sure am glad that God has a good sense of humor!

And they're off to the egg hunt in a blur!
Sash graciously pauses for a photo
WanYing had the eye of the tiger this year - no more pausing after each egg to discover its contents!
Sash shows off her spoils of war
Ben had a rather maniacal pride in his haul
Sash post-confetti egg (blown eggs filled with confetti that you smash on unsuspecting victims' heads.  Big big fun courtesy of Grammy)
Apparently Ben didn't see that one coming!
My cuties Easter Sunday.  They were so gracious and waited until after photos to dive into their bunnies!
Bunny time! I love that little toothless grin
Yup, that's a quality bunny
WanYing looks forward to bunny time, too
Her bunny was gone in a flash!

A merry Easter to all!

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